Hydro Electric Services

Engineering and Design

SCI maintains a staff of experienced, licensed, and registered professional engineers. They are fully qualified to design and engineer any electrical, mechanical or software problem that develops during a project contracted by SCI.


We incorporate a variety of craft disciplines for a smooth and efficient installation program. Experienced supervision and the application of specialized equipment ensures quality equipment installation and the best possible performance.

Constant monitoring of construction progress by a comprehensive critical path method (CPM) schedule assures all involved that progress will meet specified completion deadlines. The SCI CPM is integrated regularly with the civil contractor to ensure a smooth, coordinated installation.


Throughout the period of installation constant quality control checks are taken to ensure proper clearance and tolerance dimensions are maintained. These items are of significant importance during the commissioning phase. The commissioning criteria normally used by SCI is that of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) unless otherwise specified by the owner.

SCI maintains all equipment necessary to properly commission machines of virtually any size.