Site Constructors Inc.

Quality and Experience Since 1985

Site Constructors, Inc. (SCI), a California-based company incorporated in 1985, is actively involved in the hydroelectric and wind power generation industries.

SCI maintains a fully equipped force capable of handling installation projects in a wide range of sizes, as well as maintenance and upgrade requirements. SCI’s core staff of approximately 20 people is supplemented as required by any given project. These capable professionals bring to their positions a commitment to fine workmanship that has brought the company recognition as a quality organization with multi-service capabilities.

SCI’s key personnel have more than 100 year’s cumulative experience in mini-, small-, and large-scale projects for major hydro manufacturers, engineering, installation, and construction companies.
SCI services turbines, generators, pumps, motors, valves, gates, penstocks, manifolds, steel dams, and other large equipment.